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A Review of “Coral Reefs” by Featured Author Maris Wicks

Posted By: Robin Materese

April 6, 2016

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by Jennifer Nicholson

Happy Belated Pub Day to Maris Wicks’s beautiful, educational and awesome graphic novel “Coral Reefs.” This is the latest edition of the Science Comics series from First Second.

“Coral Reefs” includes a great foreword from Randi Rotjan, Ph.D., an Associate Research Scientist at the New England Aquarium. In it, she explains her love for coral and why she has studied it for more than 15 years.

The graphic novel is narrated by a Yellow Prawn Goby who offers explanations throughout the book. It offers a great, fairly in depth overview of coral reefs, including what and where they are formed, how the ecosystem works, as well as how coral reefs are connected to the planet as a whole and what the challenges are to protecting them. It even offers some ideas for how people can make small changes to help coral reefs.

Though coral reefs are interesting, it might not seem like something that would hold your attention though 120 pages. However, the beautiful illustrations, and diverse layouts easily keep the reader turning the pages. There are many handy footnotes and pronunciation guides to make it easier to read and understand. The end of the book even includes a glossary, bibliography, and additional resources.

Come hear Maris Wicks talk all about “Coral Reefs” and graphic novels at the Gaithersburg Book Festival on May 21, 2016! In addition to “Coral Reefs,” Maris Wicks has also published another nonfiction graphic novel called “Human Body Theater,” and illustrated the book “Primates.”

Jennifer Nicholson is the media specialist at Gaithersburg Elementary where she works to inspire students to have a lifelong love of books and reading. She is an avid fan and promoter of graphic novels for children. Jennifer has been a member of the Gaithersburg Book Festival Committee for five years. She works on the short story contest, author recruitment, and as a liaison to the other media specialists of Montgomery County Public Schools.

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